Creating positive change through ABA

At Achieve Behavior Alliance Plus, we believe that every individual has the capability to make progress and reach their full potential, regardless of disability. Our ABA therapy helps them do just that. From initial assessments to progress tracking, we work closely with our clients and their families to ensure they receive the support and guidance they need to live a quality life.

We serve individuals with intellectual & developmental disabilities, as well as other behavioral disorders, from 2 years old through 21 years old for ABA. There’s no age limit for Behavior Management. The only requirement is they are a Medicaid Waiver recipient. Private pay options are available upon request.

We offer the following services:

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Applied Behavior Analysis

We are a company that listens and cares. We will work as a team to identify and treat challenging behaviors. We are client-centered and play-based and deliver therapy with dignity and respect.

How to Get Started: To initiate our services, we require an Autism diagnosis report, a prescription from the primary care provider, and a copy of the front and back of the insurance card. Securing authorization typically takes 1-3 months, during which we conduct necessary assessments and diligently train staff tailored to each individual’s program.

What to Expect: Therapy primarily unfolds in the home, with occasional sponsored outings to places like the trampoline park, Connor Prairie, and local amusement parks. Our staff engages with your child using natural environmental opportunities, fostering progress toward individualized behavior goals.

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Parent Training

We also provide parent training. This includes coaching and materials to ensure families and caregivers have the tools of the trade to carry the results beyond the session.

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Behavior Management

If you are struggling with problem behaviors, allow our behavior consultants to help you find a solution. We have immediate openings in the daytime and evening hours.

How to Get Started: Our team includes master’s level clinicians specializing in various behavior disorders. Families can have a meet & greet with one of our clinicians to determine the ideal fit for them. This process is expedited, typically occurring within 1-3 weeks of signing up for our services.

What to Expect: Our services are flexible, taking place either at home or in the community as preferred by the client. Our staff engages with clients in the community, working on individualized behavior goals in ways that suit the client’s preferences.

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Participant Assistance and Care

Here, we champion participant assistance and care, crafting tailored interventions that prioritize an individual’s needs and ambitions. Through strategic positive reinforcement, we cultivate a motivating environment to drive progress and accomplishments, empowering your child to participate in their own care.

How to Get Started: We offer the flexibility of hiring family referrals, including friends or family members for adult clients. Unfortunately, family members of minors are not eligible. Alternatively, we can promptly source staff for individuals seeking services, achieving this within 1-3 weeks of sign-up.

What to Expect: While our services mainly take place at home, our staff readily accompanies clients on parent-sponsored outings such as sporting events, movies, and shopping trips. We ensure a versatile and accommodating approach to meet individual needs.

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