Unlocking potential, one behavior at a time
Who We Are

Are you seeking quality, board-certified ABA services before/after school hours for your children? Or are you in need of daytime ABA services with an option for extended care?

Achieve Behavior Alliance Plus is an organization created by parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. We understand the challenges parents have finding a balance between caring for their children and managing their careers. Our program is staffed with Registered Behavior Technicians supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, designed to accommodate the flexibility parents need, and delivered with heart.

Parents should not have to be forced to defer their careers due to a lack of extended care options for their children with special needs.

If you are searching for ABA therapy, we would love to share more information about our organization with you directly. Our main office is situated in Greenwood, but we have dedicated staff serving counties across the state, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all our clients.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to use the principles of ABA to empower individuals on the Autism Spectrum, helping them lead happier and more productive lives. We strive to provide compassionate support to our clients and their families.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to transform lives and communities through evidence-based and culturally responsive ABA practices, delivering quality care and support to individuals with diverse behavioral needs, promoting inclusion, and advancing the field of ABA.

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